Massey Catering - Class B Electric Combi Oven 10GN 2/1

Class B Electric Combi Oven 10GN 2/1

Product Code: 268303
Electric 10x1/GN
Automatic Cleaning Function

Manual mode: traditional cooking style by manually selecting the parameters. Traditional cooking cycles available.

  • Dry, hot convection cycle (max. 300 °C): ideal for low humidity cooking.
  • Low temperature Steam cycle (max. 100 °C): ideal for sous-vide (vacuum packed) re-thermalization and delicate cooking.
  • Steam cycle (100 °C): seafood and vegetables.
  • High temperature steam (max. 130 °C).
  • Combination cycle (max. 250 °C): combining convected heat and steam to obtain humidity controlled cooking environment, accelerating the cooking process and reducing weight loss.

Regeneration cycle: best cooking setting for quickly heating the products to be regenerated on plate and tray (max 250°C).

By-pass technology: controls the humidity degree of the oven atmosphere in combi and regeneration cycles. It prevents water and energy waste.

Fan speeds: full, half speed for delicate pulse cooking such as for baking cakes and pulse ventilation for baking and low temperature cooking. The "pulse utility" is also perfect for keeping food warm at the end of the cooking cycle.

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