Massey Catering - Touchline Electric Combi Oven 10GN 1/1

Touchline Electric Combi Oven 10GN 1/1

Product Code: 267302
High resolution touch screen control, electric
3 cooking modes (automatic, recipe program, manual)
Air-o-clima and air-o-clean functions with boiler in 316L

Guided descaling function to guide operator during boiler descaling phase (from "Setting" mode).

MultiTimer function to manage a sequence of up to 14 different cooking cycles, improving flexibility and ensuring excellent cooking results. Can be saved up to 70 multitimers programs.

Air-o-clean™ automatic and built-in self cleaning system (4 automatic and green functions to save energy, water and rinse aid).

Automatic mode: choosing family and food type, the oven automatically selects the appropriate cooking climate, temperature and time. A maximum of 60 personalised presets per family can be saved. Three special automatic cycles available.

  • Low Temperature Cooking cycle (LTC) to minimize weight loss, maximizing food quality for large pieces of meat.
  • Reheating cycle: efficient humidity management to quickly reheat.
  • Proofing cycle: uses the air-o-clima function to create the perfect proofing conditions.
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