Massey Catering - B56 Potato Peeler

B56 Potato Peeler

Product Code: B56

Bold Peelers are leaders in the fish frying and catering industry, combining ease of operation with reliability.

  • The full bag capacity of the Bold 56 eliminates the need for operator to divide a bag before loading, this avoids the possibility of overloading which can occur with a smaller machine.
  • Stainless steel construction ensures a hygienic rust-free machine, requiring a minimum of maintenance.
  • Heavy duty gear-box is automatically lubricated from oil sump making peeling operation smooth and reliable.
  • The stainless steel peeling plate and drum lining can easily be removed for recoating when required, keeping service costs to a minimum.
  • Unique nylon brush fitted to bottom plate guards against blockages to the waste outlet reducing the amount of cleaning required.
  • The position of water inlet and waste outlet can be varied to suit individual installation requirements.
  • WRAS Approved Class A air brake is fitted to the water inlet.
  • All of the above features combined with quality engineering ensure that the Bold B56 Potato Peeler will remain in pristine condition after many years of reliable service.
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