Massey Catering - Commercial Spreadmatic

Commercial Spreadmatic

Reduced production time
Accurate portion control
Suitable for sliced breads and soft rolls
Cost-effective for low and high volume manufacturers

The Commercial model accommodates the needs of the expanding and varied sandwich manufacturer. The machine’s ability to spread a wide selection of sliced breads and soft rolls, allows the sandwich manufacturer to utilise the equipment across a varied product range. With an output capacity of up to 3000 slices per hour the single lane Commercial model is ideal for stand alone operation, but is equally successful linked to our custom made conveyors to form a sandwich production line.

Simplicity of operation keeps machine maintenance and staff training to a minimum. Product is placed into the butter box, where it is applied to the coating roller. As bread is placed onto the conveyor, and passes underneath the coating roller an even spread is applied from corner to corner of the slice, before presenting the coated slice at the opposite end of the conveyor. Versatile Adjustments

The Spreadmatics are easily adjusted to accommodate varying bread heights. The Retail model, suited only to sliced breads, can be adjusted to accommodate heights of up to 15mm, whereas the Commercial and Industrial models have been developed for both sliced breads and soft rolls to offer increased flexibility. These models can be adjusted to accommodate heights of up to 30mm. The spread thickness adjustment offers equal flexibility, allowing the operator to set the weight from 2 grams to 5 grams on the Retail model, or up to 8 grams on the Commercial and Industrial models.

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