Massey Catering - 6 Slot Classic Toaster

6 Slot Classic Toaster

Product Code: 60147
Hand built in the UK, with the individual assembler’s mark on the base plate
Selector control for choosing two, four or all six slots
Award-winning ProHeat elements, guaranteed for two years

The 6 slot Classic Toaster can produce a staggering 240 rounds of toast every hour, and is perfect for busy catering environments. It is undeniably Dualit in styling, with Dualit's trademark mechanical timer and ejector lever. Unlike the 2 and 4 slot NewGen versions, it does not incorporate defrost or bagel settings. The selector control allows you to heat two, four or all six slots.

  • Mechanical timer
  • Manually operated eject lever to keep items warm until needed
  • High lift mechanism to remove small items easily
  • Replaceable parts (you don’t throw a Dualit toaster away, we repair it for you!)
  • Adjustable rear foot to compensate for uneven surfaces
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Extra-wide 28mm slots and adjustable inner wire guard to accommodate a sandwich cage
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