Massey Catering - Electrolux Professional Milk Shake Machine

Electrolux Professional Milk Shake Machine

  • Ideal for production of chilled specialties: creamy desserts, sorbet, mousses and similar products.
  • Works with water or milk/based dried products or with brik mixtures ready to be poured into the bowl.
  • Perfect solution for bars, restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, hotels and all the other HoReCa operators who desire reliable piece of equipment.
  • The machine automatically stops when the cover is opened.
  • No more ice or condensation outside the tank with the insulated tank.
  • Rounded shapes with stainless steel finishing and white plastics.
  • Thanks to the two-bowl configurations, it is possible to simultaneously prepare one or more products.
  • The insulated tank guarantees higher cooling efficiency and lower effect of the external temperature on product's preparation and maintenance time reducing condense and draining; it is the best solution in hot climate conditions.
  • New design of the screw to adjust the product consistency makes the equipment extremely user-friendly.
  • Hybrid control of consistency. The integrated software allows the equipment to self-adjust to ensure that the product has always the same consistency, from the first to the last drop dispensed.
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