Massey Catering - Hold & Serve Drawer

Hold & Serve Drawer

Product Code: HBB5N2
Two electronic differential control key sets are easy to understand and reliable
Exclusive Controlled Vapor technology establishes that the water vapor content in the drawer is the same as that of the food
Built to last with quality craftsmanship, high grade stainless steel construction and full perimeter insulation
Features radial fan for improved food quality with frequent drawer openings, full perimeter drawer gaskets, and digital readout for water temperature

The CVap Hold & Serve Drawer HBB5N2 is easy to use and delivers superior food temperature and food texture control. Ideal for any operation where space is limited, this model offers a larger holding capacity than our HBB5N1 model, in the same footprint. This narrow, two-drawer model features 1/2″ (13mm) feet, and will hold two steam table pans or four half steam table pans. Built-in fan ensures an even temperature throughout the drawer. The electronic differential control provides the dual control of air and vapor temperature that made CVap technology famous.

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