Massey Catering - SkyLine Premium Natural Gas Combi Oven 20GN1/1

SkyLine Premium Natural Gas Combi Oven 20GN1/1

Product Code: ECOG201B2G1 PNC217894
Digital interface with LED backlight buttons with guided selection
Built-in steam generator for highly precise humidity and temperature control according to the chosen settings
Combination cycle (25 °C - 300 °C): combining convected heat and steam to obtain humidity controlled cooking environment, accelerating the cooking process and reducing weight loss
Real humidity control based upon Lambda Sensor to automatically recognize quantity and size of food for consistent quality results

SkyLine Premium combi boiler oven with digital control, 20x1/1GN, gas, programmable, automatic cleaning, boiler in AISI 316

Three Years Parts & Labour Warranty

OptiFlow air distribution system to achieve maximum performance in cooking eveness and temperature control thanks to a special design of the cooking chamber combined with high precision variable speed fan and venting valve

SkyClean: Automatic and built-in self cleaning system with integrated descale of the steam generator. 5 automatic cycles (soft, medium, strong, extra strong, rinse-only)

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