Massey Catering - SpeeDelight High Speed Grill

SpeeDelight High Speed Grill

Product Code: 603885
Peerless cooking performance
Worry-free finish
An intelligent press

Electrolux has listened to business owners like you and combined advanced technology with the utmost simplicity, cutting your energy
consumption by more than half compared with other solutions using microwaves. Three cooking methods to serve a perfect snack in less than a minute, safely and easily. The premium solution to amaze your staff and your customers alike.

Green Technology
Close the cover once you’ve removed your food and the stand-by notification appears. SpeeDelight will go into Energy Saving mode and consume 60% less energy.

Easy to Service
Quick access to inside components makes maintenance a snap with an on-site visit from a technician. Safe and practical to use, safe and practical to maintain.

Streamlined and Ergonomic
Quick to set up, no ventilation needed: put it anywhere on your countertop. Smooth edges, stable handles, self-regulating lid and extra-large display.

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