Massey Catering - The Merlin Top Fry Oil/Fat Filter Machine

The Merlin Top Fry Oil/Fat Filter Machine

New single pass superpad for speed and quality
High quality motor rated at 0.18 kw
Pump rated at 22 - 25 litres per minute
Flexible tripple ply safety hose
Double skin stainless steel fabrication for safety

The first to bring you dual filtration using a primary filter to remove the small particles of carbon together with our thick superpad which removes the microscopic particles that become suspended in the oil/fat making it cloudy and contributing to it’s eventual breakdown.

The Merlin top fry effectively reduces the quantity of food contaminants (carbon) found in used cooking oil or fat so prolonging the life of the oil and giving a consistent quality to your fried foods.

Now with the all new single pass superpad which cuts filtering time by half. The new superpad 3 gives the same results with a single pass of oil through the filters without needing to re-circulate for up to 10 minutes.

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