Massey Catering - 900XP Full Module Gas PowerGrill Top HP

900XP Full Module Gas PowerGrill Top HP

Product Code: 391065
Full module gas PowerGrill top - HP
Stainless steel AISI441 burners with self stabilizing flame
Full-depth grease collection drawer, with hole to indicate when full, to collect residual cooking grease and fat. Can be filled-up with water for vapor-emission effect
  • Burners are protected by AISI441 stainless steel deflector reaching approx. 700°C; top and side radiant plates distribute evenly the heating power while protecting the deflector from direct contact with the dripping fat, thus reducing flare ups
  • Cooking grid reaching temperatures up to 350°C
  • Stainless-steel removable splash guards on the rear and sides
  • All components (deflector, radiant plates, cooking grids, splash guards) can be dismantled for cleaning purposes
  • "Power Control" exclusive function: control knob allows fine-tuning of the power on a 240° rotation range between max and min, to optimize consumption while perfectly adapting to the food being cooked
  • "Stand-by" position on the control knob allows minimizing power consumption during non-peak periods, while allowing a fast recovery at the moment of need
  • The special design of the control knob system guarantees against water infiltration
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