Massey Catering - Mirror Zone 4 Gas Chrome griddle – smooth plate

Mirror Zone 4 Gas Chrome griddle – smooth plate

Fully Hard Chromed Mirror finish cooking surface - has a thickness of 18mm
Each burner is individually thermostatically controlled for each 300mm of cooking area - up to 340'C
Each burner is has a power of 11kw and has piezo ignition 

Mirror Zone 4 is a thermostatically controlled heavy duty chrome griddle is ideal for fast food operators, mobile trailers and front of house cooking. The hard chromed plate finish is non porous so prevents cross flavour, reduces heat radiation so reduces fuel costs, has even heat distribution and is easy to clean down.

  • Zone 3 & Zone 4 models are supplied with 2 grease drawers, others with 1
  • Supplied with side and rear splash guards as standard
  • Supplied with removable grease drawer and height adjustable legs
  • Heavy duty 304 stainless steel body - makes it durable and easy to clean
  • Can be fitted with up to 4 x Drop down Clam head for double sided cooking - see accessories
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