Massey Catering - P22S Counter Top Electric Deck Oven

P22S Counter Top Electric Deck Oven

Product Code: P22S
Single door with 2 cooking chambers - stone floor
Oven temperature range is 149 - 360ºC - thermostatically controlled
Fitted with long lasting Incloy heating elements to the top and bottom of each oven

Bakers Pride P22S Counter top electric deck oven, features a single oven door with two stone decked cooking chambers in each oven. The oven has a temperature range of 149 - 360ºC Its compact size allows a high volume to be cooked in minimal footprint, ideal for Pizza, Pretzels, Flatbreads and bakery products cooked on the deck or on baking sheets.

  • Oven chambers  2 x chambers of 565w x 552d x 83mm high - for pizza, pretzels, flatbreads with 15 minute timer for each oven
  • Stone floor dims; 527 x 527mm
  • Corderite stone finish to oven floors retains heat and prevents heat loss when doors are constantly opened and closed or can be supplied with a steel deck at no extra charge
  • Heavy duty construction making them ideal appliances for heavy use applications.
  • Interior is made of high heat aluminized steel welded to form a single uniform body.
  • Insulated oven chamber reduces heat loss - 38mm industrial grade insulation material.
  • Exterior is made of heavy gauge stainless steel.
  • Ovens can be stacked
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