Massey Catering - GP51 Gas Counter Top Deck Oven

GP51 Gas Counter Top Deck Oven

Product Code: GP51
Twin deck with Corderite hearth bake floors
Will hold 4 x 9" or 2 x 12" pizzas per deck (can be stacked 2 high to give 4 decks)
Oven temperature is controlled by a modulating thermostat for lower energy use and assured balanced heat

Bakers Pride GP51 Counter top gas deck oven, features two ovens, fitted with 1" thick Corderite hearth decks. The oven has a temperature range of 149 - 343ºC Its compact size allows a high volume to be cooked in minimal footprint, ideal for Pizza, Pretzels, Flatbreads and bakery products cooked on the hearth on baking sheets.

  • Temperature range up to 343ºC
  • Oven chamber size;  524w x 667d x 127mm high (152mm on lower oven) - capacity 4 x 9" or 2 x 12" pizza per deck
  • On request  the oven height can easily be increased to 280mm high  (11") by removing the top deck and replacing the dual doors by a single one
  • 1" thick Corderite finish to oven floors retains heat and prevents heat loss when doors are constantly opened and closed.
  • Heavy duty construction making them ideal appliances for heavy use situations.
  • Interior is made of high heat aluminized steel welded to form a single iniform body.
  • Insulated oven chamber reduces heat loss - 38mm industrial grade insulation material
  • Exterior is made of heavy gauge stainless steel.
  • Field reversible door hinges - supplied on left hand side as standard.
  • Combination gas valve incorporates safety pilot and gas regulator
  • Combustion chamber is easily accessed allowing quick and easy servicing - it is fitted with a slide out flame diverter optimizing top and bottom heat.
  • Supplied with 4" adjustable feet as standard.
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