Massey Catering - Warewashing Electric Rack Type Dishwasher

Warewashing Electric Rack Type Dishwasher

Product Code: 534342
Push button self cleaning cycle of the wash and rinse zones for ease of “end of day” cleaning
Washing cycle is carried out with water circulating at a temperature of 55-65 °C, whereas the rinsing cycle is carried out with clean water coming from the water system, heated to a max. temperature of 80-90 °C
Speed of conveyor can be set through the control panel by the operator. 90 racks/hr or 140 racks/hr
Large counter balanced inspection doors allow unrestricted all round access to the wash and rinse area. Door is insulated with injected foam. This adds strength as well as reduces noise and heat loss
  • Large filters sloping towards the front to the smaller pressed filter box for quick removal. Filters feature holes smaller than the concave ant-block wash nozzles so large food cannot enter and block the wash system
  • Adjustable feet for full access underneath the machine for cleaning
  • Wash chamber without internal pipes and therefore no hidden dirt traps
  • Self draining wash pumps provide maximum hygiene with no smells and all wash and rinse zones drain automatically at the push of a button
  • Powerful 2 hp (1.5 kW) wash pump
  • Deep drawn pressed wash tank with fully rounded corners, sloped towards the drain to prevent dirt build up provides fast drainage in only a few minutes. Pressed wash tank with no welded points offer a guaranteed water tight solution
  • Dishwasher structure is held together with a solid 50 x 50 mm stainless steel tube sub-frame to provide long term sturdiness
  • All main components made in heavy duty anticorrosive 304 type Stainless steel: tanks, front and side panels, wash & rinse arms and caps, doors, front, handle and rack transportation system
  • Wash and rinse arms can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Autostart/stop ensures that the machine runs only when a rack is passing through it. This reduces both water and energy consumption
  • Electronic control panel features large display to read wash and rinse temperatures
  • Low water consumption. At 140 racks per hour, the machine uses only 240 liters/hr
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