Massey Catering - Undercounter Glass Washer

Undercounter Glass Washer

Product Code: 400073
Single Skin with Pressure Boiler
Drain Pump and Detergent Dispenser
30 Baskets per Hour

304 AISI stainless steel front and side panels, door, control panel and wash tank. Double skinned door. Wash tank with rounded corners. Wash arms and jets in polypropylene, easy to remove. 2 wash cycles 120/180 seconds. Soft start wash pump to avoid accidental breakage of dishes/glasses. Washing system with rotating washing arms, large capacity wash pump and tank volume. Built-in pressure boiler (1,5 Kw), 5,8 liter capacity for hot rinse cycle (80-90°C). Boiler with 304 welding for protection against corrosion. Drain pump. Electronic controls with temperature display. External connecting box protected by a waterproof plastic cover. Self-cleaning cycle. Rinse aid dispenser. Detergent dispenser. Hourly capacity: 540 dishes/30 baskets mm500x500. Supplied with: n. 1 basket for cups and n. 1 cutlery holder.

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